Structured Parametrics

Automating Building Design

Time saving automation for building designers specialising in structural engineering. 

How can we help?

We work with:

Engineers and Builders. Automate Visualise, explore and analyse models, drawings and details.

Suppliers and Manufacturers. Get your product or design automated. Reduce repetitive drafting for each project. 

Architects. Get rapid structural designs modelled from day one.


Scripts and Web Apps

Automated Structural Framing

Parametric Structural Analysis

Reinforcement Modelling

Get highly accurate reinforcement in Revit or Rhino. 

Modelled Rebar in Revit and Rhino

Free Tutorials

Learn parametric techniques for structural engineering with our video tutorials and free script downloads.

Portal Frame Tutorial


Our principal Ben Walker MIEAust CPEng NER has over 20 years of structural engineering and building industry experience within Australia and the UK. He has led and been part of many multi-disciplinary teams delivering projects in the infrastructure, commercial, defence, education, rail, telecommunications, residential and remedial sectors. 

He is focused on digital engineering, visual communication and developing workflow efficiencies.