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Tutorial: Alpaca 4D structural analysis. Quick portal frame demo.

We have a look at a fairly new plugin for Structural Analysis with Grasshopper called Alpaca 4D. This is currently under development but uses the opensees software framework for analysis designed around earthquakes. 

Tutorial: Quick trusses, framing, spreadsheet in/out & more for engineers w/ Lunchbox in grasshopper

In this tutorial you will see:

Tutorial: Tekla Structures with Grasshopper

A quick tutorial and overview of the Tekla grasshopper components.

Tutorial: Tutorial: Rhino Inside Revit basics for Engineers. Beams, Columns & Walls to Revit from Grasshopper.

The quick basics of translating Beams, Columns, Walls and Floors from Grasshopper to Revit with Rhino Inside Revit. 

Tutorial: Projecting structural framing onto 3D surfaces. Diagrid example.

A quick tutorial on how to project structural framing onto a 3D surface. In this case we project a diagrid.

Tutorial: Quick Bending Moment, Shear and Deflection diagrams in grasshopper.

A quick script to show Bending Moment, Shear and Deflection diagrams for simple beams made from lines in CAD (rhino or others). While this is basic it could be extended to include other beam types, sizes and have automatic loading.

Tutorial: Quick basic Lateral Stability with Grasshopper. Parametric Structural Engineering design.

Shows a quick method to start designing for lateral stability of structure with grasshopper using Kiwi3D. The structure can be controlled parametrically or could be substituted for any architectural floor plate. Analysis is basic only and should be used to get a feel for forces and deflections only.

Tutorial: Simple Truss Structural Analysis in grasshopper with Kiwi!3D

A tutorial showing how to build a Simple Truss with Structural Analysis in grasshopper and Kiwi3D. Get deflection, bending moments, shear, axial load and more. Get Kiwi3D at: https://www.kiwi3d.com/ 

Tutorial: Create Revit elements with python. Access the Revit API for a wall or other element type.

A very basic tutorial on creating a wall with the Revit API via python. This is useful for creating any Revit element if the existing ways don't exist or don't work the way you would like. 

Tutorial: Quick BESO Beam Evolutionary structural optimisation with Karamba in grasshopper

Tutorial on the Evolutionary structural optimisation algorithm with Karamba. This method starts with a predefined number of structural elements and deletes ones which take the least amount of load. 

Tutorial: Live structural analysis with Kangaroo in Grasshopper. Click and drag a simple truss.

Tutorial on Kangaroo in Grasshopper and Rhino. How to get real-time structural moments by using the mouse to click and drag at points on any structure.

Tutorial: Parametric portal frame structural analysis with Karamba

Guide to creating a parametrically controlled portal frame using Rhino, Grasshopper and Karamba

Tutorial: Structural section properties from parametric shapes. Centroid, Ix, Zx and rx.

Tutorial showing how to determine some basic structural properties from parametric shapes. Includes I, C and L sections but can be modified for any shape. Calculate second moment of area Ix, elastic section modulus Sx, Zx, centroid and radius of gyration rx. 

Tutorial: Parametric truss in Revit with Dynamo

A tutorial for creating a parametric truss (Pratt Truss) in Revit with Dynamo 

Tutorial: Simple Parametric Truss

Guide to creating a dynamically controlled truss (in this case a Warren Truss) using Rhino and Grasshopper

Tutorial: Simple Column Load Rundown

A basic script to get column loads from simple geometry. This script can be expanded in many ways including adding facade loads and different panels types and more. 

Tutorial: Simple Truss Structural Analysis in grasshopper with Karamba

A tutorial for Simple Truss Structural Analysis in grasshopper with Karamba.

Tutorial: Simple parametric portal frame

Guide to creating a dynamically controlled portal frame building using Rhino and Grasshopper

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