Parametric Demos

Video demonstrations of some of our work. Contact us if you would like to get these or anything similar for your projects.

Demo: ETABS to Grasshopper. Simple method for model import in grasshopper or Rhino.

Demo: Truss Analysis. Quick structural results from models with calculation sheet output.

We take a look at a script to speed up Tension-Compression truss analysis.

Demo: Auto structural model extraction and drawing creation inside Revit with smart scripts

Using auto structural model extraction and drawing scripts completely inside Revit with Rhino.Inside.Revit & Struc Scripts

Demo: Timber Designer. Get a reference structural design in real time from parametric framing.

Timber Designer - a script to design timber members straight from a model in real-time:

Demo: RC sketcher update. Quicker, easier and with additional features. Grasshopper Rebar.

Draw 3D reinforced members quickly based on parametric inputs. 

Demo: Composite Floor Designer. Get a reference structural design in real time from parametric framing.

A script to design composite steel beams straight from a model in real-time.

Demo: Structural scripts. Automation for faster, modelled workflow in Engineering and Architecture.

A quick demo showing some of the scripts that structural engineers and architects can use to work much faster than has been possible before. This includes: 

Demo: Auto Framing buildings with Scripts & Apps. Quick Structural Design for Architects or Engineers.

We show how to generate a structural beam layout for any building shape with some scripts or web apps.

These will:

Demo: Timber frame design over the web with bracing check. A fast residential structural design tool.

Get a timber frame design and bracing check from an architectural CAD file. Get results over the web or through grasshopper.

What this tool does:

Demo: Architecture to Structural via Web Apps

Creating Structural models can take days or weeks but now the bulk of the setup can be done over the web in a few clicks. 

In this video we run through taking a school building from Architecture to Structural model via an online app. 

Discusses Revit, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Rhino, Grasshopper, ETABS, spacegass and more.

Demo: Craft clean structural models & drawings from unconnected Architectural models

We demo new techniques for stripping haphazard and messy Architectural information and converting it to high quality structural models and drawings. 

This is a residential example using Structured Frame Crafter on ArchiCAD output. We also translate the output into Revit for structural drawings. 

Demo: Simple, easy & quick structural steel modelling. Stream to Revit from CAD or parametric script.

Easily assign properties to simple lines to allow smart member modelling in Rhino and Grasshopper. 

Demo: These Adaptive Beams design themselves. Real-time auto framing for Architects.

Adaptive Components. These are objects which update themselves based on their surroundings. For structural objects, this means beams can automatically design themselves based on their adjacent framing. 

This can allow Architects to get a framing plan in seconds.

In this video we’ll show:

Demo: Structured Autowind. Wind load allocation for buildings from simple lines.

A script to automatically determine how wind load will distribute onto a buildings façade elements.

Demo: Fast Analysis techniques to speed up structural design in grasshopper

We take a look at ways to streamline structural analysis in grasshopper with:

Demo: Text to Revit rebar. Schedule to modelled bars in one click.

A script to turn a text schedule into 3D modelled rebar in Revit with one click. Uses Rhino Inside Revit.

Demo: Easy 3D rebar - Rhino & Revit. Quick parametric reinforcement detailing with grasshopper.

Our updated reinforced member detailing sketcher. Draw reinforced members quickly in 3D based on parametric inputs. 

Demo: Structural drawings, Calculations & Model from Architectural design. Rapid parametric workflow.

An example of modern parametric workflow for structural engineering. From Archs to Structural model, calculations and drawings. Modern workflows can cut engineering time to a fraction of traditional methods allowing responsive collaboration with Architects and others. Uses Rhino 7, Grasshopper, Kiwi 3D and Rhino Inside Revit. 

Demo: New Rhino 7 features for Engineers! Rhino.Inside.Revit, Clash Detection, Grasshopper player, SubD.

Rhino 7 has been released! See a quick preview of new features with a focus on what will be useful for Engineers.

The biggest changes highlighted include Rhino.Inside.Revit, Clash Detection, Grasshopper Player, Quadmesh and SubD

Demo: Quick engineering calculation sheets. Produce computations directly from an architectural model.

This shows how we can produce engineering calculation sheets directly from a rhino model. This saves time because span, load width and beam properties are easy and quick to get. This could also be adapted to Revit. Do you think this is a useful workflow tool?

Demo: Structures that learn how to support themselves. Auto bracing layout with Galapagos in Grasshopper. 

This structure is trying different bracing locations to stand as tall as possible given a wind and gravity load. 

It uses a genetic algorithm which in this case is Galapagos for grasshopper. The algorithm develops a gene pool of different bracing solutions and then chooses the most successful ones to pass onto the next generation. So in this way it's actually learning which bracing locations work the best over time and ending up with the best solution. 

Demo: Fast Parametric Steel Details with FE Analysis in grasshopper 

A parametric steel detailing script with pre-loaded sections, column rotation, welded or end plate options and stiffeners. The script can also flick to an analysis mode for Finite Element Analysis results using Kiwi3!D.

Demo: Custom structural sections with the BESO algorithm. Practical architectural organic shapes. 

Generating some interesting custom structural sections with the BESO algorithm. A look at how it works and how options and different inputs affect the shapes produced. We'll also go though some ways which might make this a practical and cost effective real world application. We hope this might give you some ideas when you're working with architects or clients on future projects. 

Demo: Structural Framescaper. Super fast modelling with real-time physics.

Structural Framescaper is a simple way to quickly creates structural models to test in a real-time physics environment. Framing spans and sizes are specified by the engineer and generated by script. This is an early prototype.

Demo: Auto Structural Wind. Generate wind loads automatically in real-time with grasshopper. 

We show how wind loading can affect building shapes and automatically generate wind loading to code. Wind loading zones are translated into loads on members and the resulting structure is tested in a physics engine.

Demo: Real-time structural failure. Visualising collapse using a physics engine with grasshopper.

We look at some real-time effects of removing members in structures including a bridge and a building. Visualise effects of lateral stability bracing and consequences of placement in different areas. Convert existing structural analysis models into a physics environment easily.

Demo: Rapid 3D reinforcement sketching exported to Revit. Easy structural concrete reo detailing.

It's great having a rapid way to get 3D reinforcement into Revit. Beams, piles, pile caps and walls can be drawn in real time to see how bars fit together and then this work can be re-used in Revit without needing a separate drafting effort. The reinforcement is in native standard Revit families so can be manipulated later as needed.

Demo: Impacts of moving temporary loads in real-time. Plant and storage temp loading structural analysis.

Check the impact of temporary loads on your structure quickly in real-time. Moving loads show live impacts. Great for plant or equipment, material storage. Convert your existing analysis or BIM model into a temp load analysis quickly.

Demo: Easy 3D reinforcement in Rhino & Revit with grasshopper. Quick structural concrete detailing.

Shows an easy way to produce 3D reinforcement including tricky detailing in Rhino or Revit with grasshopper. Engineers can produce quick details for site. Drawings and drafting models can be produced quickly. See how each bar interacts with others in real time to reduce clashes.

Demo: Parametric structural details. Automatic sketching in revit and rhino with grasshopper. 

Demo showing some automatic structural sketching using parametric tools. Use these and many other details in Revit, Rhino or just PDF. Speed up the sketching and detailing process with this easy time saver. 

Demo: Automatic structural framing improvements

Demo of some automatic structural framing improvements. Parametric controlled framing plans fitting any floor plate. Export to analysis models or BIM. 

Demo: Scroll between Structural Framing Options - Structured Block Explorer

Flick between your structural framing options for clients or stakeholders with a real time model. Turn Architecture on or off to help visualise how your framing works. 

Structured Block Explorer allows you to see the detail in blocks without the distraction of the rest of the model getting in the way.

Demo: Animated Visualisations

Demo of some structural animated visualisations that can be added to your next project. Show to clients or Architects. Includes DXF to ETABS to Revit conversions.